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Snow at the Beach

Winter showed up and Hamachi was ready!

All work and no play?

On vacay with the fam in Hawaii. Aloha!

Koa Cleo Gerhardt

Born 9-30-2017

Manzanita Tornado

Very few trees in the direct path of the tornado survived.  Several trees on the fringe of destruction have been salvageable.  Where possible …

Ornamental Pruning Season

The rain and high winds have returned to the North Oregon Coast.  When the leaves drop, it’s a great time to begin …

Tree Pruning

What is the importance of Pruning? When done correctly, pruning can provide many long-term benefits to both trees and those who live …


Several factors are often present when tree decline becomes evident. Diseases and pests are often secondary to poor soil conditions, physical damage, …

Tree Removal

When the time comes, we can help you safely and efficiently remove your tree. We can also help select appropriate species with …