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Tree Failures

Two of the most common tree failures I have seen over the years responsible for property damage are stem failures (above) or …


The Treescapes Family keeps getting bigger! Aloha from Hawaii! – Koa and Ohana

Pruning Season

Winter is the best time for pruning both large and small trees. It is also a great time to plant new trees!

Sitka Spruce Mortality

Successive years of drought and mild winters have led to high Spruce aphid populations on the North Coast of Oregon. Aphid damage …

Snow at the Beach

Winter showed up and Hamachi was ready!

All work and no play?

On vacay with the fam in Hawaii. Aloha!

Koa Cleo Gerhardt

Born 9-30-2017

Ornamental Pruning Season

The rain and high winds have returned to the North Oregon Coast.  When the leaves drop, it’s a great time to begin …