What is the importance of Pruning?
When done correctly, pruning can provide many long-term benefits to both trees and those who live near them. There are many forms of pruning to help accomplish your “Treescape” needs.

Maintenance Pruning
This is a general pruning technique that aims to remove dead, crossing, damaged, and structurally unsound branches. Pruning should never remove more than 30% of the live canopy of a tree. For optimal tree health, heavy pruning (25-30%) is best accomplished when trees are dormant.

Tip-Weight Reductions
This form of pruning minimizes the risk of failure on elongated lateral limbs by “tipping-back” the outer portion of a limb.

Wind-Sail Reduction
Wind-sail reductions aim to minimize the risk of windfall. This pruning method selectively thins the upper crown of a tree, without removing the leader.

Vista Pruning / Canopy Raising
These common types of pruning aim to improve the view through trees or increase clearance below.

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